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Name:10 Lead Ecg Cable-18 lead ecg cable-ecg cable 12 lead-15 lead ecg cable

10 Lead Ecg Cable-18 lead ecg cable-ecg cable 12 lead-15 lead ecg cable

Common name: Cable / lead-wire

Device name: ECG/EKG cable and lead-wires

Intended use

Anylink cable / lead-wire is intended to be used with ECG and EKG monitoring devices. The cable / lead-wire is used to connect electrodes, catheters and/or sensors placed at appropriate sites on the patient to a monitoring device for general monitoring and/or diagnostic evaluation by heath care professional.

This cable or lead-wire set meets the requirements of the standard ANSI/AAMI EC53, ECG cables and lead-wires. This cable or lead-wire set is reusable.

Instructions for use

1. Connect the cable / lead-wire to OEM monitor.

2. Connect the leadwire set to the trunk cable.

3. Prepare the skin by cleansing and drying the areas where the electrodes will be attached. Typically 70% alcohol is used for this purpose. Be sure to dry the skin.

4. Attach the electrodes to the correct positions. See the monitor user documentation for instructions on positioning the electrodes.

5. Connect the leadwire set to the electrodes. Please refer to the monitor user documentation for detailed information.

Before use, check that the product is intact and clean.
NOTE: Do not treat the cables with oils (e.g. household or lubricating) or aggressive fluids or solvents (e.g. acetone)


1) Disconnect the Anylink cable / lead-wire from the monitoring device. WARNING: When disconnecting pull on the plug itself not on the cable.

2) Dampen a clean cloth or gauze pad with an appropriate cleaning solution and wipe all exposed surfaces.

3) Dampen a clean cloth or gauze pad with sterile or distilled water and again wipe all exposed surfaces.

4) Dry all exposed surfaces with a clean, dry cloth or gauze pad.

WARNING: Never immerse Anylink cable / lead-wire in any liquid.

CAUTION: Do not sterilize Anylink cable / lead-wire by autoclave, radiation or steam.

NOTE:Anylink cable / lead-wire device is not made with natural rubber latex.

NOTE: Federal (U.S.) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


Disinfect with a chemical disinfectant, such as ethanol, propanol, phenolic disinfectant.

NOTE: Do not immerse the products in liquids. Protect from strong UV radiation.


1) Anylink can’t be held liable for any trouble resulting from failure to observe the installation and operating rules stated in these directions for use.

2) As with all medical equipment, carefully route cables to reduce the possibility of patient entanglement or strangulation.

3) Do not use the cables during MRI scanning. Conducted current may cause burns.

4) See the monitor user documentation for instructions on positioning the electrodes.

5) Ensure that lead wire connector is properly ed into trunk cable/instrument.

6) Do not use lotion or oil prior to the test. Skin must be clean and dry.

7) This product is not suitable for PVC, TPU and ABS plastic allergy patients and users.

8) Cable / lead-wire are designed for use with specific monitors, the operator is responsible for checking the compatibility of the monitor, cable and lead-wire before use, and incompatible components can result in degraded performance.

9) Do not use the cable / lead-wire if the cable, wires and connector was broken. Duration of use: recommendations for every 6 months to replace once. If it is necessary to use, please to evaluate, and the use of period should be tightened inspection.

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