Name:Infusion pump ultrasonic air bubble detector probe-Infusion Pump Sensor-Blood oil bubble detection probe

 Product Details: Automatic infusion pump with bubble detection probe

This product can be adapted to all brands and models of infusion pumps, syringe pumps. Customized according to customer demand probe circuit shape, size.
1, the operating frequency: 2.0MHz ± 5% 3.0MHz ± 5%
2, the effective volume of the bubble detection: ≥ 0.025ml (infusion pump speed operation in the host state)
3, the probe Material: ABS + green plastic (the normal life of five years or more)
4, wire Specifications: Single shielded signal lines, OD1.5mm
5, the signal line connection: welding / 2.54 Terminals
6, the working temperature limit: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
7, the signal processing circuit PCBA optional
8, the detection pipe specifications: OD: Φ2.0-15mm thickness :0.2-1 .0 mm Material: silicone rubber, medicalPVC.

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